A Classroom Kitchen

A Classroom Kitchen is a place where curious home chefs and their families can learn new cooking skills and grow confidence in the kitchen through web-based cooking instruction.

Web-Based Cooking Classes

Cooking takes practice, patience, creativity, and more practice. Offering web-based cooking instruction for:

Culture based skills and recipes
Food trends
Cooking devices
Meal Prep Workshops
Park District and Library Programming
Scout badges
Social Group Events
Company Events
General cooking instruction

Program Share Series Exclusively for Public Libraries

Join in with other libraries around the country for a 3-part web-based seasonal cooking series. Each class is 60-90 minutes in length and considered a cook- or bake-along where participants will be encouraged to work in their kitchens as I work in mine. The price point is a 45% savings compared to the same set of private customized programming.

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