Instead of Less, Try More!

Human psychology hates the word less. It goes back to the caveman days of trying to outcompete scarcity. A mindset of more is actually what is required to make any progress in health and wellness.

Why does it have to be LESS carbs, LESS fat, LESS calories, LESS meals, LESS room for error? I know it makes me feel like a failure before I even start. It makes me feel on guard and stressed.

Try MORE healing food, MORE fresh air and sunshine, MORE fresh water, MORE restorative sleep, MORE meaningful connection. That makes me feel energized and successful! And it seems simple and straightforward, right? Because it is!

If the meal plan stresses you out, ditch it. If you don’t like salmon, don’t eat it. If you know something doesn’t seem right to you, even though everyone else is doing it, then don’t do it.

Trust your gut, trust yourself. Paths are made by walking.

Don’t look for that perfect balance. It’s about intentional integration into everyday life.

Just a little Wednesday Wisdom for ya ūüėČ

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