Families in the Kitchen

Mealtime Memories: A Classroom Kitchen is a place where curious home chefs and their families can learn new cooking skills and grow confidence in the kitchen (plus gain some nutrition education and food history along the way). I leverage my cooking, teaching, healthy living, and history story-telling to create unique cooking programs as well as to support and educate students and clients in approachable, straight-forward, and fun kitchen skills. I use all home cooking equipment that is easily attainable; and by offering web-based programing people can cook from the comfort of their own kitchen space instead of commercial or industrial grade cooking schools.

I specialize in library and park district programming for the general public and community learning. You can find a list of available programs here! This list is not all-inclusive and I am happy to create something unique to your needs. All public programs are also listed on my Facebook Business Page-all are welcome to register and attend. The more the merrier!

In addition I host a once a month “Families in the Kitchen” series on Facebook Live with fun, family-friendly recipes and topics. Check out some of the videos from this last year:

January: Homemade Marshmallows and Hot Cocoa

February: Hand Pies and Valentine’s Day Bark

March: Homemade Green Pasta

April: Donuts and Twinkies

May: Burger, Fries, and Milkshake

June: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Part 2

July: Unique Ice Cream Sandwiches

August: Buttermilk Biscuits and Homemade Butter

So, come along on this cooking journey with me! Cooking takes practice, patience, creativity, and more practice. I want to help you become the hero of your mealtime.

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