Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (Plus a Freezer Meal Version!)

We were introduced to this recipe when I was a consultant with Pampered Chef and organized Freezer Meal Workshops for my customers. It is great prepared fresh or to store for a later meal. Read on to learn more!

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (Plus Freezer Meal Directions)

Freezer Meals are a variety of home-cooked meals on hand for quick cooking without any prep and minimal clean-up. Freezer Meals will help us save money by eating at home and it will help us maximize our time with our families as well. This is a great recipe to prepare fresh or for the freezer.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 6


  • 2 lbs beef top sirloin steak, cut into strips


  • 2 tbsp olive oil, divided
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 3 tbsp cornstarch
  • 2 tsp onion powder
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes

Stir Fry

  • 3 cups fresh broccoli florets
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 medium red bell pepper
  • 1 medium yellow bell pepper
  • 3/4 cup beef broth


  • Prepare veggies: Cut broccoli into small florets, cut onion and bell peppers into strips.
  • Make marinade by whisking together: soy sauce, dry seasonings, 1 tbsp olive oil, and cornstarch. Toss with beef strips.
  • Cook beef by heating remaining olive oil in skillet over medium heat and adding beef. Cook for 1-2 minutes or until outside of beef is no longer pink. Flip and let brown on opposite side. Remove all meat from pan.
  • Add vegetables to skillet and stir-fry 3-4 minutes until crisp-tender.
  • Return all beef to skillet. Add beef broth and bring to a boil; cook 1 minute.
  • Sprinkle with sliced green onions, cilantro or chopped peanuts if desired and serve over rice.
  • Freezer Meal Prep: Add all prepped, raw veggies to one gallon sized bag.
    In another gallon sized bag, add raw beef strips and pour marinade over top. Knead meat and marinade to combine.
    Place both bags into a 3rd gallon bag. Label and freeze for later use. Thaw before using the directions above to cook.

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