20 Kid-Friendly Recipes to Beat Summer Boredom

If you’re anything like my family we’re nearing that part of the summer where you start hearing, “I’m bored!” I feel like we all hit summer hard after the suffocating nature of last summer. Things might be slowing down and as soon as your kids have a second to complain they will. A fun and rewarding thing to do on slower mornings or afternoons is to get them in the kitchen!

Mini Chefs (Ages 3-6)

Looking for some hands-on, rewarding fun for little hands at your house?

Here are ten of my most popular recipes for mini chefs (ages 3-6). These have been tested and enjoyed by my own Mini Chef students!

Junior Chefs (Ages 7-12)

Looking for some engaging and rewarding recipes for budding chefs at your house?

Here are ten of my most popular recipes for junior chefs (ages 7-12). These have been tested and enjoyed by my own Jr. Chef students!

A Note to Parents

I know having kids in the kitchen can seem stressful but it is so important. It’s an amazing opportunity to bond as a family, and teach your kids about nutrition, math and measuring, food safety, problem solving…all skills they’ll use well into adulthood. Plus, kids who start cooking before the age of eight are 50% more likely to make five meals from scratch each week when they grow up, and they’re much more likely to try new foods and flavors when they help prepare them.*

After you try these 10 age-appropriate recipes get your kids some age-appropriate cookbooks they can look through, and have them pick out recipes they’d like to try. The trick here is having them lead you through the process – stay there to help them with words when they need you to, but otherwise, let them tell you how to do it. This way, not only will you get to try recipes your kids are excited about, but you’ll also build your children’s confidence and leadership skills.

I would also recommend resign yourself to a little extra mess from the start. Even at their best, kids tend to spill more than their grown-up counterparts. Keep this in mind going in, and you’ll be less stressed out when you need to clean up the oopsies.

Now go have fun and don’t forget to post your creations on my Facebook Page! Seeing the accomplishment on kid chef faces make me so happy!

P.S. During Covid Quarantine Annie (my then 9-year old) held her own weekly kid cooking classes…visit my blog for past lessons and recipes!



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